Name,Timestamp,Location,Instruments,Experience,Rates,Photo,Education,Teaching Experience,Clubs and Groups,Honors and Awards,Age Restrictions,Teaching Philosophy,Musical Styles,Teaching Methods,Expectations of Students,Proficiency,Other,Signup Link,Active,FreeMonth,CustomOrder,Filter,RegFee,Offering Lessons,Alternative Link,Alternative Desc Greg Hunt,11/3/2015 14:09:17,Iron Mountain,"Trombone, Baritone (Bass and Treble Clef), Tuba, Drum Set (Grades 5-12), All other wind instruments: Grades 5-8",1984,,images/instructors/Greg%20Hunt.jpg,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,"I will provide lesson instruction for students on Trombone, Baritone (Bass and Treble Clef), Tuba, Drum Set in Grades 5-12, and instruction on all other wind instruments for Grades 5-8","Private lessons are an excellent way to motivate students to higher performance levels. Remember, however, what a student gets out of lessons is directly linked to the time and effort they put into preparing for lessons. While a student becomes a stronger performer through private instruction, they also strengthen the groups they perform with at school. I have taught as a temporary or full time music educator in several area school districts. I work with method books from each area school to texts I introduce to students during lesson time. I assess where each student is at musically, design a method of study, and work together with the student (and parents) to achieve musical success. Students must understand that improvement and mastery is a very gradual process, and they need to commit to being ""in it for the long haul."" Patience, practice and persistence will bring about great improvement over time.",n/a,n/a,"n/a, student dependent ","Trombone, Bass Trombone, Valve Trombone - Professional Baritone/Euphonium - Professional Tuba - Intermediate Drum Kit/Drum Set - Professional Winds (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone, Trumpet and French Horn) - Strong teaching background with over 30 years spent instructing these instruments.",n/a,,y,,999,band perc,,,, Craig Bonno,11/5/2015 20:26:04,Escanaba,"Guitar, Bass, Ukulele",2003,$15,images/instructors/Craig%20Bonno.jpg,Guitar Lessons from Jim Dombrowski & Chad Gustafson,,Solo,,All ages welcome!,,All styles.,"Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1, 2, & 3. A Modern Method for Guitar by William Leavitt(Berklee Press). Scales, chords, theory, etc., hand written. Finger exercises. Guitar duets. Song requests.",,"Guitar - Professional Bass - Intermediate Ukulele - Casual",,,y,,999,string bass uke,,In-Store,, Heidi Lueck,8/25/2017 22:24:34,Green Bay,Piano,2000,$100,,,n/a,n/a,,,"To me, being able to emotionally engage at the piano is a very intense connection. It is a tremendous reward to have the opportunity to share that feeling with others. As a result, I strive to help you focus on the feeling of playing and letting that joy motivate you rather than setting a static goal point or playing level. By focusing on these intrinsic rewards, you will find it is more enjoyable to practice and learn your instrument. Since every student is different, I am very flexible with my lessons, and will form them around your needs. ",n/a,,,,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=16&emp=1048&stloc=4,y,,,piano,,"Online, In-store",, Molly Zahn,9/24/2018 13:53:24,Green Bay,"Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Flute, Ukulele",2002,80,,,,,,,"I want to make lessons fun. I love to work with kids. I am a mom of three children, and I feel I understand the struggles kids can go through with practicing. My goal is to make lessons easy and fun. I will provide weekly goals for students so they can see and hear the improvements they make. I believe in recitals and will try to get all of my students an opportunity to perform in them.",,,,n/a,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1087&stloc=4,y,12/30/2018,,string band uke,,"Online, In-Store",, Alisa Roberts,2/4/2019 14:08:34,Green Bay,"Piano, Voice ",1986,100,,"UW-Madison 14 years piano lessons 10 years of voice lessons",,,,,"Music has been my passion since I was a child. I want to spread joy for music in piano and voice! I start students on the music staff, teaching scales, sight reading and fundamentals. I find your strength and go from there. For example, my sensory piano students will work with colors, numbers, and letters to learn notes on the piano and staff. Vocal students will learn to warm up their voices and will work the voice in all vocal ranges. Students will learn correct breathing for vocals. Students will learn many styles of music along with the music they personally want to learn. I expect students to practice between lessons and give as much effort as they can. ",,,,Professional and Intermediate,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=16&emp=1110&stloc=4,y,02/30/2020,,piano vocal,,"Online, In-Store",, Natalie Mortensen,3/1/2019 8:02:03,Escanaba,Violin,1997,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,"My goal is to encourage and nourish each student to develop his or her individual strengths and interests in learning the violin. Everyone is unique - embrace your individuality! I was involved with orchestra from 4th through 12th grade while I was in school. My orchestra instructor was Mrs. Janet MacKenzie throughout school. My teaching methods include using Hal Leonard's Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1, 2, 3, Introducing the Positions for Violin by Harvey S Whistler, Volume 1 and 2. I also use ear training, sight reading, hand written quizzes, and encourage song requests. My students are required to practice material that will be assigned to work on at home. Practice is the glue that links one lesson to the next. Everyone learns at a different pace. So do not be discouraged if you find learning difficult. Communication is essential so I can fine tune my instruction to meet students' needs.",n/a,n/a,n/a,Intermediate ,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1119&stloc=1,y,01/30/2024,,violin,01/30/2024,In-Store,, Kristina Riedy,6/4/2019 10:12:15,Escanaba,"Cello, Ukulele, and Piano",1999,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,"Love music and love your instrument. Always practice practice practice! If you make a mistake, laugh about it and move on! I started teaching lessons in 2018 and have collaborated my cello and vocals with Abz, an indie/folk singer/songwriter and performed shows around Wisconsin. For cello students, I start with the Essential Elements and later add Suzuki to increase proficiency. For ukulele, we start with Progressive Beginner Ukulele. Depending on the student, add Hal Leonard to learn notes and tabs. For piano, I use several different methods depending on age. Song requests are always encouraged. I expect students to arrive with a smile and readiness to learn! I also expect them to practice regularly, and NOT to give up on their musical goals!",n/a,n/a,n/a,"Cello, Ukulele, and Piano all intermediate",,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1081&stloc=1,y,,,uke piano orch,,"Online, In-Store",, Brian Lanier,9/12/2019 13:24:06,Green Bay,"Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums",2004,80,,"Rock N Roll Experience, UW-Madison Music Theory",n/a,n/a,N/A,N/A,"Music is my passion and my goal is to find a way to motivate others to have fun and develop their own passion for music. Teaching methods will include using books and song and genre requests. I expect my students to have an open mind to explore music, have fun, be enthusiastic, and put in practice time to keep lessons advancing. Music is a journey that is meant to be fun and magical. There's no road map other than having fun! ",n/a,n/a,n/a,"Intermediate Acoustic Guitar, Intermediate Electric Guitar, Intermediate Bass Guitar, Beginner Drums, Beginner Piano",n/a,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1135&stloc=4,y,01/30/2024,,string bass perc piano,01/30/2024,,, Rick Kubly,8/14/2020 23:52:45,Green Bay,"Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar",2008,100,,n/a,,n/a,n/a,,"I believe in working with you and your strengths and weaknesses. Every student is different and I will adjust to suit your needs. Along with serious study, I will keep lessons fun. Even the most serious musicians should make sure they enjoy playing their instrument, otherwise it is hard to stay motivated. My teaching method includes using books supplemented with song requests from students and basic music theory.",n/a,n/a,,Advanced,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=16&emp=1182&stloc=4,y,12/30/2020,,string,,In-Store,, Diane Nagy,8/24/2020 21:05:15,Green Bay,Piano,1980,80,,n/a,,,,,"I love beginner students of all ages. I am a lifelong learner and lover of music. Playing the piano is my first love and what I am most proficient in. Over the years I have learned to play the flute, clarinet, organ, voice and most recently, I am learning to play violin with my daughter. Learning an instrument takes time and work, but it can be a lot of fun. My students can choose to study Classical, Contemporary, Worship, and New Age music styles. I enjoy using a mix of piano method books, theory, and flashcards, along with songs my students want to learn. I look forward to working with you to find enjoyment in your pursuit of learning the piano!",,,,,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1183&stloc=4,y,01/30/2021,,piano,,In-Store,, Nathaniel Madsen,9/13/2020 14:00:15,Green Bay,"Guitar, Bass guitar",1990,80,,n/a,,n/a,,,"I believe the responsibility of any educator is to provide a fun, welcoming, and engaging environment for their students, a place where they are free to be themselves and also to make mistakes. Music is for everyone and you can learn at any age. This is what motivates me. My teaching philosophy is to provide students with the knowledge and information for them to appreciate music and the fine arts. I want them to be actively listening, participating and engaging through music. My teaching methods include using music theory, books, apps, ear training and/or song. There are two absolute truths in this world: Mathematics and Music.",,n/a,,,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1185&stloc=4,y,04/30/2021,999,string,,"Online, In-Store",, Zach Brooks,3/11/2021 10:47:53,Marquette,"Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Ukulele",2006,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,,,"Getting better may be hard but with persistence and a bit of practice, watching your own growth is incredibly rewarding. I have three years of band experience playing trumpet, baritone, and tuba and enjoy the styles of rock, punk, and metal. My teaching methods include basic music theory, books, chords, and scales.",n/a,n/a,n/a,"Guitar - Intermediate Bass - Casual Ukulele - Casual",,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1235&stloc=2,y,06/30/2021,,string bass uke,,"Online, In-Store",, Joseph Hellberg,4/29/2021 14:33:16,Escanaba,"Trumpet, Brass/Concert Band instruments",1983,80,,n/a,"I graduated from NMU in 1995 with a B.A. Secondary Music Education (instrumental minor). Currently enrolled in the Special Education Certification program at NMU. I started my teaching career at Holy Name Catholic School and then took my first full time position as K-12 Music Teacher at Les Cheneaux Community Schools in Cedarville, MI. I then moved down state in Harrison Michigan and taught elementary music for 8 years and then Band director for 8 years. I was able to move back to the U.P. and taught 5 years at Gladstone as the elementary music teacher. I am currently teaching Special Education at North Central Schools in Powers, Michigan. I’ve performed in many ensembles including community bands, orchestras, and symphonies and have been performing professionally since the 90’s. I prefer to teach students who are going to be entering the band program to adulthood.",n/a,,n/a,"Learning to play an instrument should be FUN! I do look for my students to be serious and committed to always do their best (which means practicing on a regular basis). When teaching, I like to start with the basics of posture and breathing. There are many method books available but learning music theory, ear training/sight singing all help to create a well rounded musician.",n/a,n/a,n/a,As a band director I have knowledge in all concert band instrumentation. I am a professional trumpet player but am able to teach all brass/woodwind/percussion instruments. ,I started teaching at Jim's Music back in the early 90's. I still stay in touch with my students after all these years! Learning to play an instrument can become a lifelong hobby that can be passed down from generation to generation. ,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1247&stloc=1,y,05/30/2024,,band,05/30/2024,In-Store,, Will Poppen,3/27/2022 15:31:25,Green Bay,"Trombone, Bass Trombone, Low Brass, Audio and Music Production ",2005,80,,B.M. Trombone Performance and Audio Production - UW Oshkosh ,,,,,"Playing music is not only fun, but rewarding. Through individual practice and playing in ensembles, you learn about yourself and others. Whether you are looking to play for fun, or are trying to become a professional, I will tailor my lessons to fit your needs. I enjoy teaching Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary styles. My students will work on fundamental skills to gain mastery over their instruments and make playing more enjoyable. I also like to incorporate the music that you are working on, or that you like to play, into different exercises. I look forward to making music with you!",,,,,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1282&stloc=4,y,06/30/2024,,band special,06/30/2024,In-Store,, Nicholas Saldaña,3/31/2022 16:46:02,Green Bay,Piano,1999,80,,"Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Master of Music ""With Distinction"" in Piano Performance from DePaul University",,,,,"My teaching philosophy is rooted in Josef Lhevinne's Basic Principles of Pianoforte Playing. I enjoy teaching students interested in Classical music and the Catholic Liturgical style. My students will enjoy traditional music theory training, mainly using the Faber books in early stages of lessons. More advanced students will work on pieces individually chosen for them based on their interests. I look forward to partnering with parents to motivate their children in practicing. As I learned during my studies in Piano Performance at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, the most important thing is that students always do their best!",,,,,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1284&stloc=4,y,06/30/2024,,piano,06/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Lawrence Jankowski,4/12/2022 13:43:17,Green Bay,"Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar",1961,80,N/A,,,,,,"Learning something new is always a challenge, but when you fall in love with the instrument, it will be a joy to play! I’ve had the unique opportunity to teach and perform in multiple locations around the Green Bay area, including NWTC, Guitar Masses, the Art Garage, and the Lyric Room on Broadway. I also have experience playing in a variety of styles: some of my favorite styles are Classic Rock, the old Jazz Standards, including Rhythm and Blues, and Country. One of my favorite things about music is the way these music genres unite both younger and older age groups – I look forward to teaching all age groups who show interest in these timeless musical styles. Guitar students will learn to identify and play chords, and will progress quickly as they practice. One thing I always try to stay focused on is making sure my students are having fun with the instrument as they grow. As a student your progress will be recognized by how you practice and by how much you practice. Everyone learns at different rates and or learns differently, but the time will come when you experience that aha moment and you know you've got it. Learning a musical instrument is certainly a challenge, but you shouldn't have to be afraid of it. Fall in love with the instrument, treat it as if it was a part of you, and it will become a joy to play. Last but not least, take good care of your instrument and it will take care of you.",,,n/a,"I prefer to classify my proficiency as intermediate and casual. As musicians and artists we always have room to grow. One thing I always try to stay focused on is making sure I'm having fun with the instrument as I grow. When you learn a new song you make it your own, and that's special. ",n/a,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1309&stloc=4,y,01/30/2024,,string,01/30/2024,In-Store,, Liz Seitz,4/20/2022 21:13:38,Green Bay,Piano,1997,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,"Learning should be fun, and it’s never too late to begin playing the piano. I take a student-centric approach by first getting to know you and then adapting my teaching style to fit your unique learning style. I am excited to support you in becoming the musician you hope to be. Having been a community outreach educator for children and adults for 8 years, I welcome students of all ages!","I play classical, pop, rock, country, oldies, musicals, new age, holiday, and church music.",n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1297&stloc=4,y,06/30/2024,,piano,06/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, George Marshall,6/10/2022 12:13:42,Marquette,"Guitar, Bass, Vocals",2000,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,N/A,N/A,"Throughout my career in music, I have found that many people have their own unique understanding of how music works. My goal is to take that understanding and apply it in conjunction with traditional theory to hopefully leave my students with not only a better understanding of their instrument, but of the language of music as a whole. I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Music Theatre and Dance with a degree in vocal performance in 2020. For beginners, if they don’t have a style, song, or genre in mind and just want to learn the instrument, I’ll select whichever beginning book they feel comfortable with. If particular songs/styles are requested they will easily be rolled into lessons. I believe in making a music lesson an enjoyable experience. I want my students to learn repertoire and techniques that suit their preference at a pace they are comfortable with. If a student enjoys a certain type of music or style of performing, I will curate my plans around their interests.",n/a,n/a,n/a,With nearly 20 years of vocal experience I’ve gotten about as close to mastering vocal performance as one can without an actual masters degree. I have a professional degree of proficiency in guitar and saxophone with around ten years of experience with each. My skill with bass is intermediate with solid fundamentals. ,n/a,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1307&stloc=2,y,09/30/2022,,string bass vocal,,In-Store,, Noah Bauer,6/27/2022 19:28:06,Marquette,"Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano",2004,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,"My philosophy is to make learning an instrument as fun as possible. It is important while learning music to play in a way that excites you, so you’ll be inspired to keep playing and keep chasing that excitement further down the rabbit hole. Everyone has different sources of passion in music, so your lessons will be structured around your interests. Several years of self-teaching, combined with several years of formal lessons, has given me a unique understanding of music and instruments that I can now pass on to others. Teaching myself so many different instruments has allowed me to hone in on the best methods for learning an instrument effectively and efficiently. I have given private lessons to several people over the last 5 years and have a dynamic set of experience and perspective to pass down to anyone who is eager to learn. I play an increasingly wide range of musical styles and genres, so I have a diverse bank of techniques I can pass down to help you grow on your musical journey, wherever you should wish to travel. My teaching methods include books, song requests, theory, ear training, and sheet music.",n/a,n/a,n/a,"I am a professional guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and pianist. I am currently just a casual player of mandolin, banjo, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, drums, hand percussion, and hammered dulcimer. ",,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1312&stloc=2,y,01/30/2024,,string bass piano,01/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Jeremy Raduenz,9/14/2022 20:33:45,Green Bay,Piano ,2014,80,,n/a,N/A,n/a,,n/a,"Experiencing great joy and happiness as a musician is a very powerful feeling. I would love to share that experience with you! It's important to develop good, but also comfortable habits when playing music. I’m currently pursuing a BA in Instrument Performance (piano) at UWGB and am open to teaching any age and believe it’s never too late to learn an instrument! ",n/a,N/A,N/A,Intermediate,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1325&stloc=4,y,12/30/2022,,piano,,"Online, In-Store",, Rainy Lampone,9/22/2022 19:38:12,Green Bay,Piano,2007,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,Age 5 and up!,"Music is part of the human experience and the ability to create music is a gift. My goal with my students is to teach them that with patience, dedication, and consistent practice they will be greatly rewarded with a beautiful skill. Practicing 30 minutes every single day is better than practicing for a couple hours every few weeks. I want my students to fall in love with piano, and share a trusting relationship with me as their teacher. Whether music is just a relaxing hobby or a tool for an eventual thriving career, my job is to be their guide and to help them achieve their dreams. I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s of Music degree in Instrumental Music Education K-12 at UWGB. ",n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1328&stloc=4,y,1/30/2023,,piano,,In-Store,, Declan Stratford,9/29/2022 19:33:33,Marquette,"Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Beginner Drums, Beginner Ukulele.",2015,80,,n/a,n/a,N/A,N/A,n/a,I’m a big believer in learning to play what you like listening to. Then going back after and studying the theory that makes up the music. Obviously there should be realistic expectations but why not learn the techniques you want to use from the songs you want to play. My teaching methods depend on the style of play/instrument but I like to start out with a book to help learn to read music and understand basic musical concepts. Then I transition into practice strategies during the lesson that can be implemented into playing at home. I'm a bedroom guitarist through and through but I am excited to be able to teach others. I get the struggles of trying to learn on your own so I'm here to ease that process. All students will get individual lesson plans based on their interests and abilities.,n/a,n/a,n/a,"Advanced electric guitar player, intermediate acoustic guitar player, casual drummer, casual ukulele player. ",n/a,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1327&stloc=2,y,1/30/2023,,string perc uke,,"Online, In-Store",, Chris Valenti,11/2/2022 10:38:43,Marquette,Acoustic/electric guitar,1982,80,,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,N/A,"I look forward to meeting individual students and discovering what motivates them and fostering their unique perspective of music and building on that. As a former student and current performing musician, I fully appreciate and foster the relationship between instructor/student/songs. I'm constantly in awe of the power of music, and seek to relay that passion to others. When teaching I like to incorporate book learning with tips and practical skills to broaden the students' perspective. I'm generally optimistic and patient and have decades of experience working with musicians and students of music.",n/a,n/a,n/a,"I consider myself to be intermediate+ where proficiency in concerned, and striving to keep learning.",n/a,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1333&stloc=2,y,02/30/2023,,string,01/30/2023,In-Store,, Dennis Panneck,12/29/2022 13:16:06,Green Bay,Guitar,1982,100,,n/a,N/A,N/A,N/A,10 and up,I want to make students interested in the music they are playing. I have over 40 years of experience including teaching and playing guitar including all musical styles. I want my students to have fun with the process of learning to play.,n/a,N/A,n/a,Pro,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=16&emp=1341&stloc=4,y,3/30/2023,,string,2/30/2023,In-Store,, Mason Lippold,1/4/2023 12:51:59,Escanaba,Drums,2015,80,,n/a,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,Patience and time is key. Just like any other instrument it takes time but understanding the rudiments makes everything easier. My teaching methods include books and ear training. I want my students to have fun. Being behind an instrument half of the time is coordinating and the other half is having fun and being loose.,n/a,n/a,n/a,Intermediate ,N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1340&stloc=1,y,06/30/2024,,perc,06/30/2024,In-Store,, Kim E Strom,1/13/2023 13:15:31,Escanaba,"Piano, acoustic guitar",1973,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"My teaching philosophy centers on making music both enjoyable and fulfilling, acknowledging the necessary dedication for talent and self-pride. There are no age restrictions as long as students can focus for 20-30 minutes weekly. With 7 years of formal piano theory and 40 years of guitar experience, I've taught all ages for a decade. Starting with classical piano using John Thompson's series, I supplement with student-interest sheet music. Guitar instruction, tailored by age and preference, involves chords, scales, and soft rock. Regular, consistent practice is essential for success, and future goals align with the student's interests. I'm eager to share my musical knowledge and experiences, grateful for my own early musical education.",N/A,N/A,N/A,Intermediate,N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1347&stloc=1,y,01/30/2024,,piano string,01/30/2024,In-Store,, Lily Hildebrand,1/16/2023 10:41:56,Green Bay,"Ukulele, Brass & Woodwinds, early piano",2013,80,,n/a, I have experience teaching private lessons for 3 years and 2 years teaching band/choir for private schools in the area.,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1253&stloc=4,y,4/30/2023,,uke band piano,3/30/2023,"Online, In-Store",, Christopher Wolf ,3/8/2023 9:43:56,Escanaba,"Double bass, electric bass guitar ",1986,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"My teaching philosophy centers on ensuring students leave each lesson with increased knowledge, enjoyment, and a desire to return.With a background in double bass studies at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and experience with the Concord Chamber Orchestra in Milwaukee, I offer expertise in orchestral, blues, jazz, and rock styles. While teaching is a new endeavor for me, I anticipate mutual learning between my students and myself. Beginners will follow the Essential Elements for Strings series, while genre-specific lessons will cater to student preferences. I expect my students to approach learning with enthusiasm, openness to new ideas, and a readiness for enjoyment.",N/A,N/A,N/A,Semi-professional ,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1356&stloc=1,y,01/30/2024,,string bass,01/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Eric Oconnell,3/9/2023 18:36:16,Iron Mountain,"Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum-kit",2004,65,,,n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,"I believe anyone can play music if you maintain a positive attitude and push yourself to reach your goals. I’ve been teaching friends and family privately for about 5 years. My teaching methods include a combination of traditional theory and ear training, whatever best fits the student. I want my students to have a positive attitude and patience with themselves. Everyone learns differently. ",n/a,n/a,n/a,Advanced Guitar/Bass Intermediate Drumming,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=17&emp=1354&stloc=3,y,6/30/2023,,string bass perc,5/30/2023,In-Store,, James Marshall ,3/27/2023 10:23:23,Escanaba,Piano and keyboards,1967,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"I am available to teach ONLINE LESSONS to students approximately 10 years and older, through senior citizens.","My teaching philosophy parallels the adventurous spirit of music education as depicted in the Faber and Faber book series, emphasizing a personalized journey for every musician. Online lessons cater to students aged approximately 10 and above, including senior citizens. With a B.S. in Communication and the Arts and an M.S. in Teacher Education, I boast 39 years of music teaching experience across various settings. Proficient in classical, rock, folk, jazz, and more, I utilize the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures series, employing a step-by-step approach focused on student success. Expectations include diligent practice, balanced with enjoyment of mastered pieces, fostering a joyful and fulfilling musical experience.",N/A,N/A,N/A,My level of proficiency on the piano and keyboards is professional.,I teach lessons exclusively ONLINE to ANY CITY.,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1145&stloc=4,y,01/30/2025,,piano,01/30/2025,Online,, James Marshall,3/27/2023 10:23:23,Green Bay,Piano and keyboards,1967,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"I am available to teach ONLINE LESSONS to students approximately 10 years and older, through senior citizens.","My teaching philosophy parallels the adventurous spirit of music education as depicted in the Faber and Faber book series, emphasizing a personalized journey for every musician. Online lessons cater to students aged approximately 10 and above, including senior citizens. With a B.S. in Communication and the Arts and an M.S. in Teacher Education, I boast 39 years of music teaching experience across various settings. Proficient in classical, rock, folk, jazz, and more, I utilize the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures series, employing a step-by-step approach focused on student success. Expectations include diligent practice, balanced with enjoyment of mastered pieces, fostering a joyful and fulfilling musical experience.",N/A,N/A,N/A,My level of proficiency on the piano and keyboards is professional.,I teach lessons exclusively ONLINE to ANY CITY.,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1145&stloc=4,y,01/30/2025,,piano,01/30/2025,Online,, James Marshall ,3/27/2023 10:23:23,Iron Mountain,Piano and keyboards,1967,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"I am available to teach ONLINE LESSONS to students approximately 10 years and older, through senior citizens.","My teaching philosophy parallels the adventurous spirit of music education as depicted in the Faber and Faber book series, emphasizing a personalized journey for every musician. Online lessons cater to students aged approximately 10 and above, including senior citizens. With a B.S. in Communication and the Arts and an M.S. in Teacher Education, I boast 39 years of music teaching experience across various settings. Proficient in classical, rock, folk, jazz, and more, I utilize the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures series, employing a step-by-step approach focused on student success. Expectations include diligent practice, balanced with enjoyment of mastered pieces, fostering a joyful and fulfilling musical experience.",N/A,N/A,N/A,My level of proficiency on the piano and keyboards is professional.,I teach lessons exclusively ONLINE to ANY CITY.,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1145&stloc=4,y,01/30/2025,,piano,01/30/2025,Online,, James Marshall ,3/27/2023 10:23:23,Marquette,Piano and keyboards,1967,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"I am available to teach ONLINE LESSONS to students approximately 10 years and older, through senior citizens.","My teaching philosophy parallels the adventurous spirit of music education as depicted in the Faber and Faber book series, emphasizing a personalized journey for every musician. Online lessons cater to students aged approximately 10 and above, including senior citizens. With a B.S. in Communication and the Arts and an M.S. in Teacher Education, I boast 39 years of music teaching experience across various settings. Proficient in classical, rock, folk, jazz, and more, I utilize the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures series, employing a step-by-step approach focused on student success. Expectations include diligent practice, balanced with enjoyment of mastered pieces, fostering a joyful and fulfilling musical experience.",N/A,N/A,N/A,My level of proficiency on the piano and keyboards is professional.,I teach lessons exclusively ONLINE to ANY CITY.,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1145&stloc=4,y,01/30/2025,,piano,01/30/2025,Online,, Abby Van Pay,6/12/2023 14:51:21,Green Bay,"Percussion(classical and drums), beginning woodwinds",2014,80,,n/a,N/A,n/a,n/a,"I prefer students at/ above the age of 8. I want my students to get the most out of lessons, which requires some focus and practice. ","I want to provide a safe learning environment for all students. As a teacher I wan to inspire and challenge my students so that they can learn and get the most out of this experience. I build a plan based off of the student and what they want to accomplish, while making sure we cover the essentials. Teaching methods will include song requests, method books, and rhythm cards. I expect students to practice at least 15 minutes a week. In order to make progress, some work at home is necessary. Students should have a goal for the month (improving a skill or song), and a year goal that these monthly goals could help achieve.",n/a,n/a,n/a,n/a,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1504&stloc=4,y,01/30/2024,,perc band,01/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Jacob Alexander,7/31/2023 12:25:07,Green Bay,"Violin, Viola, Tenor sax, Cello",2009,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,5 and up ,"In my teaching philosophy, I want you to feel relaxed yet passionate about music, and I encourage enjoyment above all else. Trained in the Suzuki method, I adapt to suit your learning style, advocating for practice to facilitate growth, though your dedication sets the pace. I have experience in music clinics throughout high school and was also involved in diverse activities including orchestras, bands, and jazz bands, boasting accolades from Solo Ensemble State to All State recognitions. I’m proficient in classical, jazz, pop, and fiddle styles, my teaching spans Suzuki and other methods, emphasizing theory, technique, and performance. Students are encouraged to practice for optimal progress. I have professional level orchestra and chamber music experience that I’d love to share with anybody interested at any level!",N/A,N/A,N/A,"Advanced in Violin and Viola Intermediate in Tenor sax Beginner Cello",N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1599&stloc=4,y,01/30/2024,,violin orch band,01/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Landen Fletcher,8/8/2023 8:48:19,Green Bay,"Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass",2019,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"As a guitar instructor deeply passionate about music, I bring two years of teaching experience, particularly guiding college students of all levels. My approach is personalized, catering to beginners and those seeking advancement. I strive for a balance between fundamental music principles and student-driven interests to maintain engagement. With an Associates in Audio Production from Milwaukee Area Technical College, I offer a unique twist by integrating audio production into lessons. You'll not only learn guitar skills but also gain insights into professional recording techniques, empowering you to produce music independently. Let's embark on this musical journey together and explore the guitar's endless possibilities!",N/A,N/A,N/A,Intermediate ,N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1626&stloc=4,y,01/30/2024,,string bass,01/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Noah Yost ,8/24/2023 15:12:20,Iron Mountain,Trumpet ,2008,65,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"I prefer to keep my student over the age of 13, I find that this age and above befits the most from my teaching style.","My teaching philosophy revolves around the belief that anyone who can hold a trumpet has the potential to master it. I prefer students over the age of 13, finding this age group benefits most from my teaching style. With a background in marching and concert bands, supplemented by private lessons, I've honed my skills. While primarily teaching friends and family, my experience extends to four years of private instruction before joining Jim's. Excelling in the jazz combo at Kingsford High, I integrate classical, jazz, and ska styles into my teaching. Tailoring methods to individual needs, I emphasize effort as the key to trumpet mastery.",N/A,N/A,N/A,I am most confident teaching beginner to intermediate students. ,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=17&emp=1644&stloc=3,y,01/30/2024,,band,01/30/2024,In-Store,, Gavin McFadden,9/20/2023 20:48:23,Marquette,"Violin, Piano, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Flute",2011,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,Ages 6 & up,"My teaching philosophy centers on the belief that everyone can become a successful musician, emphasizing a personalized and enjoyable learning path. I’m currently pursuing a Secondary Music Education degree at NMU, while I've played since 5th grade and contributed to Bothwell Middle School's clarinet lessons. Engaged in NMU Orchestra, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Clarinet Quartet, and NAfME, I've earned Solo and Ensemble accolades. Proficient in various musical styles, my teaching methods encompass books, repertoire, and ear training. Expectations include daily practice and punctuality, promoting a balanced relationship with the instrument and practice schedule.",N/A,N/A,N/A,"I am a professional Clarinet player, Intermediate Violin player, Casual Flute Piano and Alto Saxophone player",N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1703&stloc=2,y,01/30/2024,,violin piano band,01/30/2024,In-Store,, Calvin Mattson,11/7/2023 18:10:42,Marquette,"Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar",2005,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,Ages 6 & up,"My teaching philosophy prioritizes fun and enjoyment as the catalysts for musical growth. Building a positive outlook on music, I aim to equip students with the tools and motivation to continually engage with their instruments. Instruction begins with proper form and technique, paving the way for learners to pursue their musical aspirations and personal goals. My educational journey spans violin, guitar, and singing, encompassing various musical styles and performance experiences. With a focus on listening and understanding musical elements, I encourage students to take ownership of their learning journey and find joy in their musical pursuits. You are actively taking the first step in what should be a lifelong love, there are so many places you can go, friends you can meet, and experiences you can have just by playing! This can truly be anything you want it to be and I will do everything I can to help you get there.",N/A,N/A,N/A,"Intermediate/professional -Acoustic Guitar -Electric Guitar",N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1746&stloc=2,y,02/30/2024,,string,02/30/2024,In-Store,, Isaiah Becker,11/8/2023 20:16:38,Green Bay,"Drum Set, Classical Percussion.",2015,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"My teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of student enthusiasm and enjoyment in the learning process, believing that learning should be both enjoyable and challenging. With experience as the lead snare in the Green Bay West High Drum Line, I bring expertise in various musical styles, particularly rock. My teaching methods involve using instructional books and accommodating song requests. I expect students to demonstrate a genuine interest in music, dedicating at least 30 minutes to practice each week, while also prioritizing enjoyment and growth in their drumming journey.",N/A,N/A,N/A,"I am an advanced drum set player, as well as an advanced percussionist.",,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1751&stloc=4,y,06/30/2024,,perc,06/30/2024,In-Store,, Dale Francart,11/27/2023 2:13:05,Green Bay,"Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar",1984,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"Music is a cherished gift, developed through dedication and a positive mindset. With nearly four decades of guitar experience, I offer professional guidance to help you excel and play like a Rock Star! Quality knowledge and encouragement are vital for aspiring musicians to build confidence. My education blends private lessons with post-secondary studies, providing a rich understanding of various music genres. As a professional musician, I've shared my expertise joyfully with enthusiasts of all ages. Let's embark on a musical journey together, focusing on effective learning methods and setting achievable goals while enjoying the process of playing guitar!",N/A,N/A,N/A,Professional,N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1774&stloc=4,y,02/30/2024,,string,02/30/2024,In-Store,, Phil Shields,11/27/2023 16:24:29,Escanaba,Drumset,2006,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,8+,"I think learning should be fun and I aim to make sure the student is engaged and excited about learning. I want to make sure my students are passionate about what they are learning and I aim to give them a foundation that they can use to eventually teach themselves anything they want to learn by making sure they understand core concepts and teaching them in the way that is most engaging for them. My favorite musical styles are rock, metal, and punk. I expect my students to practice on their own time and be engaged and excited about learning!",N/A,N/A,N/A,Advanced,N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1780&stloc=1,y,02/30/2024,,perc,02/30/2024,In-Store,, Marlee Jo Matthews,12/10/2023 22:42:03,Marquette,"Oboe/English Horn (Advanced) Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari Saxophone (Intermediate) Ukulele (Beginner) Voice (Beginner)",2011,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,Age 4 and up,"My teaching philosophy centers on recognizing individual learning styles, ensuring a tailored approach while emphasizing the enjoyment of music. With a Bachelor of Music in Oboe Performance, I've played in various ensembles spanning classical, jazz, and contemporary genres. Instruction covers oboe, saxophone, ukulele, piano, and voice, accommodating diverse musical interests. Teaching methods prioritize music literacy and flexibility, with chord-based ukulele lessons and solfege for vocalists. I aim for biannual recitals and expect punctuality, preparedness, and openness from students. Don’t be afraid to share your questions/comments/concerns with me! I am new to teaching and am excited to learn along with my students :)",N/A,N/A,N/A,"Oboe (Advanced/Professional) Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bari Saxophone (Advanced) Ukulele (Intermediate, Chords/Tabs only) Voice (Intermediate, Some choir experience and sight singing classes)",N/A,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1802&stloc=2,y,06/30/2024,,band uke vocal,06/30/2024,In-Store,, Alexander Lynch,12/26/2023 17:51:06,Iron Mountain,"Drums, Vocals",2003,65,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,"My teaching philosophy prioritizes a fun and creative atmosphere where students not only learn techniques but also cultivate a genuine curiosity and passion for music. I bring 20 years of experience in voice, drums/percussion, and songwriting/production. While relatively new to teaching, I draw from my father's teaching legacy and diverse mentorship experiences. Engaged in various musical projects, I've garnered nominations and worked with renowned artists and producers. My teaching methods blend student-preferred music, book training, and ear training, fostering creativity and a creator's perspective. My expectation for students is to embrace music as a lifelong companion, with progress evident through their personal musical journey.",N/A,N/A,N/A,I've performed drums and vocals at the professional level (studio and live environments),,/aeappempdetail?apptype=17&emp=1803&stloc=3,y,03/30/2024,,perc vocal,03/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Caleb Just,12/26/2023 18:27:18,Escanaba,"Tuba, baritone/euphonium, trumpet. Intro to rhythm percussion",2015,80,,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A," My teaching philosophy prioritizes understanding the student's skill level, focusing on strengths while addressing weaknesses. With a high school education and experience teaching classes and individuals, as well as leadership roles in various bands, I offer a diverse background in music education. I have received multiple awards for performance and leadership in band classes and competitions. Teaching methods include establishing rapport with students, using method books, and incorporating music theory, ear training, and rhythm exercises. Students are expected to approach lessons with a positive attitude and readiness to learn!",N/A,N/A,N/A,"For the tuba, baritone, and trumpet, I’m an intermediate/professional. ",,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1805&stloc=1,y,03/30/2024,,band perc,03/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Frank Carlson,3/12/2024 13:41:00,Marquette,"electric guitar, trombone, and bass. ",2016,80,,I have 7 years of guitar experience and and have released 2 albums and singles on major streaming platforms,N/A,I have played 6 years in the Gladstone band as a trombonist. ,"During my time in band, I received a varsity letter, service bar, and 4 year service medallion.","I do not have any restrictions on age, but you would get the most value from me if you are at an age where you can retain information and have desire to learn the instrument. ","I believe that everybody has a lot of potential and that people can take themselves a lot further than they may think. It is very important to enjoy what you are doing in lessons, and it is my goal to make my lessons fun and educational. It is not my goal to turn you into me, but rather the best version of yourself that you can be. Anybody can learn and become very good at their instrument, no matter who you are. ","I am most familiar with rock and metal music. I personally make rather heavy music, but my methods can be transferred into any genre. ","My teaching methods involve books, learning songs that you enjoy, and songwriting/theory. My goal is to ultimately get you to a point where you can write good songs and play in a band if you so wish. You will start lessons by working through guitar book one in order to grasp the basics of guitar and music in general. After that, the lessons can become much more broad and tailored to the individual. When things become more broad, there are a few routes you could go. However, I recommend learning songs that you enjoy in order to gather technical experience and also analyze what the artist does to make the song good. After you gain experience there, we can cultivate and refine your own ideas so that you can take yourself to wherever you want to go. ","Students should put in the time and effort on their end in order to improve their skills. I will adapt based on week to week skill levels, but it is important to play outside of lessons and have a passion. By the time you are good enough to branch off from my lessons, you should be able to improve to whatever level you so choose. ","Advanced electric guitar player, intermediate trombone player, casual bass player","I am currently a student at Northern Michigan University and live over an hour away. Due to this, my hours in the summer will be quite limited. ",/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1877&stloc=2,y,06/30/2024,,string bass band,06/30/2024,In-Store,, Jake Tyler,3/12/2024 18:02:34,Marquette,"Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar ",2014,80,,NA,NA,NA,NA,15 and up. ,"I believe that every student is unique, possessing their own learning style, goals, and musical preferences. As a guitar teacher, my approach is to tailor lessons to accommodate each student's individual needs and interests. By recognizing and embracing their uniqueness, I aim to create a personalized and enjoyable learning experience.","Rock, Blues, ",NA,NA,I'd consider myself mid level intermediate and always trying to improve. ,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1878&stloc=2,y,06/30/2024,,string,06/30/2024,In-Store,, Ryan Dart,3/30/2024 10:51:31,Marquette,Electric and Acoustic Guitar,1995,80,,"I studied jazz guitar at Los Angeles College of Music and California Institute of the Arts with many jazz legends including Charlie Haden (Pat Metheny), Alphonso Johnson (Wayne Shorter), Joe LaBarbara (Bill Evans) and Frank Gambale (Chick Corea). ","I have been teaching private lessons for over 20 years! From 2014-2016, I taught jazz guitar lessons at College of the Siskiyous in Weed, CA, accompanied jazz department ensembles and facilitated jazz band rehearsals.","I have performed at venues including The House of Blues (Hollywood), CSU San Marcos, and NMU. I frequently perform around Marquette County with my family band “Generations Jazz”, or as a solo, duo or trio act. ","I have had the joy of sharing the stage with many well regarded musicians including James Brandon Lewis (Downbeat cover June 2023), Ben Shepard (Peter Erskine), and Miroslav Tadic (flamenco master).",I have taught people from age 5 to 80!!!,"Offering a personalized approach to music instruction, I strive to assess your musical strengths and weaknesses, offering just the right amount of fun and “work”.","The areas of music I specialize in are blues, bebop, latin, swing and gypsy jazz.","I believe the method is less important than the engagement of the student. My goal is not to teach you what I think you should know; rather to teach you how to be inquisitive musically, to get excited and entranced by the process of exploration and discovery - hard work and reward. Then “practice” becomes fun!! We can study harmony, technique, improvisation, composition, ear training or just learn your favorite song!",You should expect to get out of music what you put into it. I’m fine with going whatever speed you choose! Some people get where they are going more slowly than others and that’s fine.,Professional,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1339&stloc=2,y,08/30/2024,,string,08/30/2024,In-Store,, Josh Racine,4/1/2024 18:34:58,Escanaba,"Electric Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Saxophone.",2014,80,sent to [email protected],Senior at Gladstone Area High School. Planning on attending Michigan Technological University or University of Michigan for engineering.,"I was a section leader in my high school band. I also completed and graduated from Delta Force Leadership Program. In addition, I was a Presiding officer at a Michigan Youth in Government conference where I was co-incharge of 400+ students.","Disk golf club, Student Council.","6 state level awards for football, all-acedemic wrestling team, top 5 current shotput throwers in U.P, national rural and small town recognition award.",I am open to teaching any ages.,"Have fun, relaxed atmosphere, learn things you want to learn.","Classical acoustic, rock, jazz, fingerstlye, slide guitar, flamenco, blues, contemporary.","I like books in the beginning of a students guitar journey, but I like to progess with teaching them songs they want to learn after a solid foundation.","Practice each week, improve incrementally week by week, improve slowly but surely month by month, and become proficient and happy with skill levels overall.",I would consider myself advanced at guitar (more advanced in some areas than others) and intermediate at saxophone.,Communication from student to parent and teacher is key.,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1902&stloc=1,y,08/30/2024,,string band,08/30/2024,"Online, In-Store",, Chris Burhop,4/21/2024 16:19:04,Marquette,"Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Bass Guitar",2005,80,,N/A,N/A,I am currently performing in a local band called Soul Responsibility.,N/A,N/A,"When it comes to music, we all learn at our own pace. As your teacher, my goal is to recognize and respect your personal pace and structure a regiment that you can use to bring the most potential out of your practice. I’m also a firm believer in ear training. And that process comes a lot easier when we learn from the style or genre of music that made us fall in love with our instrument in the first place.",Rock/Blues/Funk,"We will use books, ear training, and song requests that are relevant to our lesson.",N/A,"Electric Guitar - Professional Acoustic Guitar - Intermediate Bass Guitar - Intermediate",,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1918&stloc=2,y,08/30/2024,,string bass,08/30/2024,In-Store,, Therese Gibbons,4/29/2024 20:45:16,Marquette,"Piano, Flute, Percussion",1999,80,,"18 years of classical piano lessons 12 years in Band/Wind Ensemble/Orchestra Studied Music Performance (Percussion) at University of Arizona and California Institute of Arts",N/a,N/a,"University of Arizona Medici Scholar, soloist for the Tucson Chamber Orchestra",6+,"The primary goal of my teaching is to make the study of piano (/flute/percussion) and playing music engaging, fulfilling, and fun. I have been and continue to be inspired by many teachers and have learned from them that teaching music is not only about learning music. It is an opportunity to enhance and expand other life skills: good communication, patience, confidence, and joy. I recognize that every student has their own unique qualities and abilities and therefore adapt my teaching techniques to meet the individual needs of each student with an emphasis on good technique and fundamentals. ",N/a,N/a,N/a,N/a,N/a,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1936&stloc=2,y,08/30/2024,,piano perc band,08/30/2024,In-Store,, Will Olsick,5/2/2024 13:06:32,Escanaba,Electric/Acoustic Guitar,2013,80,,"Music student at NMU (Northern Michigan University) Band class in high school",I have taught many of my peers in college.,I have been playing solo live shows around town,Eagle scout in high school,"I mostly have experience teaching young adults and teenagers, but I am open to teaching anyone who is eager to learn.","I will try to make the learning process as enjoyable as I can for the student. Lessons will be oriented around what the student wants to learn along with what I believe to be useful information for the student to learn. If a student is unsure about what they want to learn, I can provide concepts that will benefit them.","Jazz Classic/Alternative Rock Country Latin Folk","As mentioned earlier, I will orient the lessons around what the student wants to learn. If the student is unsure of what they want to learn I can provide useful information: Music Theory Ear Training Technique exercises",All I ask of students is that they show up to the lesson and be open to learning something new with each lesson. I will also write down concepts in the student's practice log for the student to work in throughout the week.,"Acoustic/Electric Guitar: Intermediate/pro Bass: Casual Piano: Casual","I will do everything I can in order to motivate and inspire students to play music, however it is completely up to the individual how much they want to progress on their own time.",/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=1941&stloc=1,y,08/30/2024,,string bass piano,08/30/2024,In-Store,, Parker Belonio,7/9/2024 13:25:56,Marquette,"Piano, Guitar, Bass, Vocals",2007,,,BFA in Music Performance/Composition at North Central College 2024,4 years of teaching at School of Rock Naperville,"Tiwa Bleu and the Celestial Treaty Stellar West Southside Heights ","Studied hard in College and was able to graduate cum laude, I also received the Louis Armstrong Jazz award for guitar in highschool (2020)","I've taught kids from 5 years old all the way to one of my 70 year old guitar students. I love to teach any age, as long as they're here to have fun and love to learn the language of music.","Not only will I go through books/reading music with my students, but I always start by hearing what the kid/student likes to listen to at home. I think one of the most important parts of learning music is learning what you like to listen to, and sometimes classical music doesn't cut it for younger kids these days. ","I grew up with Rock, Punk and grunge. Then I got into Jazz and revived my love for Classical in highschool. I've also played for different pit orchestras of musicals and played bass in for a Gospel Band.","I typically start with warmups from books, and then dive into song requests if the kid has any. I then like to teach by ear, even if I've never heard the song, so I can show a kid how to learn a song on their own one day. I love teaching theory and ear training. Aural skills are one of the most important tools to use as a musician because it can help someone get to a point where they can learn a song on their own just by hearing it.","Most importantly, I want my students to have fun learning music. We'll take time to work on technique, vocabulary, and put it to the test by learning as many tunes as possible. One of the best ways to learn the language of music is by singing it through whatever instrument it may be.","I've been playing and performing on piano, guitar and vocals since I was 11 years old. I've been teaching for the past 5 years and I love seeing kids inspired by music like I was when I first found my passion for music.",,,n,,,,,,, Gabby Holberton,7/15/2024 15:22:46,Escanaba,Piano,2011,,,N/A,n/a,n/a,Outstanding Musician Award 2020 for Percussion through Escanaba Schools and One’s through MSBOA Solo & Ensemble and District Festival.,I have no age restrictions for students. I will teach any one of any age.,"I believe in teaching students based on their personal abilities and learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) and adapting my teaching styles around the student.","Classical, Jazz, Pop, Baroque, Sonata.","I use books, will print out song requests, and practice ear training with students.",I expect students to be able to practice each week and log their practice. I expect students to be able to eventually perfect their songs though continuing to practice them.,"Intermediate Piano, Casual Percussion, Casual Guitar, and Casual Ukulele.",,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=2084&stloc=1,y,10/30/2024,,piano,10/30/2024,In-Store,, Luke Rivard,7/16/2024 17:26:10,Escanaba,"Flute, Piano",2019,,,I attended Albion College where I majored in music performance and composition. I participated in a variety of ensembles and performed solo recitals. ,I have worked with middle and high school flute sections and wind chamber groups. I have also taught multiple adult beginner piano players. I was also a music theory teaching assistant and tutor for two years at Albion College. ,I currently play flute in the Escanaba City Band.,"I won the Albion College Concerto and Aria Competition by playing an original flute concerto, I won multiple awards for music theory, composition, and an award for music history. ","For flute, I teach anywhere from 10 years old and up. For piano, I am willing to teach any age. ","When I work with a student, I approach music holistically. I take into account the physical traits/health of students and how they affects music-making, their experience level, and their interests.","I am familiar with Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, and modern techniques on flute with specialization in French and folk traditions. I am most familiar with pop tunes with piano.","My teaching includes a mix of music theory, ear training, and an emphasis on proper technique. For flute I use the Essential Elements book. For piano I use Alfred's Group Piano for Adults and Bastien's Primer Series.",I expect effective daily practice when possible from students. Students should be motivated to learn and be interested in growing as a musician. ,I am an advanced flutist and a casual pianist. ,,/aeappempdetail?apptype=13&emp=2087&stloc=1,y,10/30/2024,,piano band,10/30/2024,In-Store,,
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