Thursday Night Clubs

× We are restarting our Thursday Club in Green Bay starting June 4th!


presented by: Jim's Music & Teaching Center


Don't have anything to do on Thursday night? Stop by Jim's Music in Green Bay. Whether your interested in music or just bored come hang out with us as we all learn to JAM! Young or Old, Experienced or not, even if you've never touched and instrument the staff at Jim's will walk you through the basics and get you playing in no time. This is a perfect chance to meet people with similar interests or a great chance to bring your friends and have fun.


First Thursday
Piano Club

Second Thursday
Guitar Club

Third Thursday
Ukulele Club

Fourth Thursday
Bucket Club


Fifth Thursday: None unless announced on Facebook


When: 6pm-7pm
Where: 1219 S. Military Ave.
Phone: 920.455.0000
Email: [email protected]

  • Instruments are provided by Jim's Music
  • Food and Drinks will be provided towards the end of the night. Don't want to get our instruments greasy!
  • Updates/Cancellations will be posted on the Jim's Music Facebook page.


What will we do?
Each instructor has their own style but for the most part we'll start of with introductions along with a quick check on skill level so that the instructor can tailor the experience. We'll spend the rest of the night working on different techniques and more than likely learning to play a song together. The instructor will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. Remember there are no stupid questions. Finally, by the end of the night the instructor will have given you something to practice on in your spare time until next month.

You are in no way obligated to participate, so if you want to just watch and learn then you go for it.