Gearhead Article February 2012


 Every musician knows that the bass player tends to be the “red headed step child” of the band, so this month we want to give a shout out to the unsung heroes who bring the boom (even if its only on 4 strings).


            Month after month we bring you reviews on awesome gear but rarely do we delve into the world of the bass player. Well this month we have something special for you, I am proud to introduce the Fender Bronco Bass Amp!


            The Bronco is a 40 watt modeling amp that brings you every feature of the Fender Mustang and then some. You have a 10” speaker pushing the sound and it really keeps up with most guitar amps I have played along with. As with the mustang, you get a built in tuner, 24 built in amp model presets, and an unlimited amount of storage thanks to the USB output and fender fuse software.


            The most exciting feature of this amp for me is that its extremely affordable at the price of  $249.99, and it comes with an XLR output jack which will allow this amp to go through a system and eliminate the need to drag around the 200 pound unit you always have to bring to shows!


            The Bronco is a real bang for your buck and is available at all Jim’s Music locations!

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