Gearhead Article November 2011

Fender Squier Guitar Package Deals


Christmas is around the corner and Jim's music has the gear you want at the price you need and the service you deserve! Today i want to go over three of the best holiday buys in the market and tell you why they are packs that will really make you double take!


In this article I want to feature a list of some of the best deals around on electrics. Fender has released a series of starter guitar packs that include EVERYTHING a regular person needs to become a new musician.

As many people already know, Fender has dominated the electric guitar market in the world for nearly half a century. The strat body style is considered the electric guitar icon of the world. Basically the strat style is the one that all other electric guitars aspire and hope to be.


Ill start with the lowest in price and work my way up the scale so you can see the advantages of spending just a few more dollars on your new guitar.


First up we have the Squier Se Special Strat pack. This guitar pack comes in three optional colors, you can choose from Tobacco Sunburst, Black with pearl pick guard, and Pearl White with a marble pick guard. This is a standard strat guitar with a great feel right out of the box. All three color styles give a very warm and personal feel to the guitar and the small neck size allows for smooth play and great action. For the low price of $230.99 you get a great guitar, a powerful 10-watt practice amp, a gig bag, picks, a strap, chromatic tuner, and some learning material. This pack is a great buy for a beginner or for a long time player just looking for a change of pace at a low price point.


Fender SE Special


After hearing about that great deal I bet you are getting pretty stoked to hear about the next great buy. I’m here to tell you that this pack will not disappoint with a minimal increase in price of $60.00 you can get yourself playing a Squier Affinity Special pack.

Right off the bat you are going to be impressed with this unit. Not only are you getting everything you got before, but now you are also getting a Fender Frontman 15G amp. This is a HUGE upgrade not only in quality but in power and performance as well for your practice amp. This unit comes in some classic strat colors in blue with white pick guard, black with white pick guard and red with white pick guard. You can get this pack home for about $291.00 and I promise it will be worth the cash.


Fender Affinity Special


This last guitar is the Cadillac of electric guitar packs. We are going to bump up the amp one more time and give you the Fender Bullet 150. This amp is going to have 15 digital effects built in so there is no down time between opening the box and starting to rock. The new amp is only the beginning; the guitar is really where this package gets exciting. I would like to introduce you to the Squier Affinity HHS Strat. In a word, this guitar is hot….Literally…Take every good feature about the last two strats, and then throw in a Humbucker to replace one of the single coil pickups. In case you don’t know already, that means more Power, more Growl, and all around more options for the beginning player or the experienced veteran.


Fender HHS Strat


Its time to release that sleeping musician within and get rocking, So stop on down to your local Jim’s Music and pick up one of these great guitar deals.