Gearhead Article September 2011

Gearhead Article September 2011

Fall is on its way and that means school and the holiday seasons are just around the corner! We here at Jim's Music are ready to help make this season as easy as possible for you and you family providing great service, and great products!

Last year we told you all about the Fender Mustang modeling amp series, and we saw some real excitement about the amps and everything they offer the starting or veteran guitarist. Well its time to get pumped up all over again as I introduce the extended line of Fender Mustang modeling amps!

Last time, we went over the Mustang I and II, but today my real focus is going to be on the III, the IV, and the V. Just incase you aren't sure, that's the 1,2,3,4, and 5. 

It's always an exciting time when a new model gets released, but it's not too common that 3 get released all at the same time! 

Just to give a brief review of the Mustang I and II, the I is a 20 watt amp with 24 build in effects. The Mustang II is a 40 watt model with the same overall design giving you a bit more power.

  Fender is really going out of it's way to give us a great modeling amp that is completely stage worthy. I would now like to introduce you to the Mustang III, IV, and V. 
     The Mustang III is a 100 watt open back amp with a 12” Celestion® speaker. It contains 100 amp presets which are built from a base of 12 of the most famous amps of all time. It has 37 separate built in effects that can be adjusted to the players preference. This truly is an amp to get excited about. While maintaining an incredible light weight utility, the amp pumps out some SERIOUS sound and is great for anything from practice to performance.

     The Mustang IV is a 150 watt open back combo amp featuring two 12" Celestion® speakers. All of the sound and effect features from the Mustang III still apply, but with this one you get the power needed for any gig you have and still maintain a very portable and great sounding amp.

     Now for the Mustang V. All I can say about this amp is MORE POWER!!! *Insert grunting sound here*  This thing is awesome, the head and cab are sold separately but are completely worth the purchase. You are getting all of the amazing sound and effects from the other models, but you are also getting a 150 watt head and a 412 speaker cab. This is FOUR 12" Celestion® speakers cranking out some serious noise. This is the first modeling amp/cab combo I have experienced and needless to say this amp met all of my expectations. 

     Stop in at your local Jim's Music to try out this great amp series. You will not be disappointed.