Gearhead Article August 2011

Gearhead Article August 2011


            Summer is in full swing and that means a new season with great new deals! Most people know that over the past two years or so, modeling amps have burst onto the scene and are growing in popularity everyday. Over the past months, we have reviewed the Fender Mustang, the Peavey Vypry, and today we are going to take a closer look at the Fender G-Dec.


            There are a lot of great modeling amps available but to me, this is an amp that really set a trend. A lot of modeling amps came with just the basic sounds, tones, and effects, but the G-Dec brought it to a whole new level. Not only are you getting you stomp box and rack effects, you are getting backtracks, and a built in loop! You are given 100 factory preset amp settings, 76 custom back tracks and fully customizable options and that’s just the surface.


            The G-Dec has a SD memory card slot, and you may be wondering what purpose that serves. Fender outdid themselves with this series by making a HUGE number of available SD cards pre-loaded with songs and backtracks from some of today’s best artists. And it gets even better. Have an SD card at home? Well now you can load up your own MP3s on it and play along with your favorite songs all through your Fender G-Dec amp!


            With available foot pedal, the G-Dec is truly the complete practice amp. On some of the higher models you will also see output jacks for going through a system, making you a true ‘One Man Band”. The G-Dec comes in 6 different models starting from a basic practice amp all the way to your standard performance amp.


            We have a line of these great amps at all of our locations, so stop in at your Local Jim’s Music and check out the Fender G-Dec. You will NOT be disappointed.