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At Jim's we strive to encourage all ages to learn an instrument as we believe you are never too old (or too young) to learn. We offer quality music lessons by well-trained, dedicated teachers in: piano, voice, acoustic, electric & bass guitar, percussion (drums), trumpet, violin, viola, and flute.

For information on pricing, call the location nearest you . All payments are due on or before the first lesson of each month. You are paying your teacher to reserve the studio and lesson time just for you. Therefore, regular attendance is expected as there are no credits or refunds for any missed lessons. If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend a lesson, please call or give your instructor 24-hours advanced notice or you will be required to pay for the lesson. You are not required to pay for any lessons missed due to teacher absences.

It is very important that the student practices at home. While an instrument may be provided at a lesson for the student's use, it is very helpful if the student has an instrument at home to practice on. Piano students can practice on a piano or a keyboard. The student is not required to buy an instrument from us, but we do have a good assortment of beginner instruments that the student can try to find the best fit. We also have a rental program, where a student may rent an instrument for their lessons, and in many cases the first three months apply towards the purchase.

Once you have chosen a time for your lesson, this will be your permanent reserved slot unless you let us know otherwise. If you have a time and day scheduled in February, it automatically becomes your time and day in March, etc. If the time you have is not convenient, we will work with the teacher and do our best to reschedule a better time.

Each location puts on multiple recitals each year. Contact your teacher if you are interested in participating in one.

We hold summer workshops in several instruments and voice. For more information, please contact the Jim's location nearest you and have a great time learning.