Gearhead Article January 2011

 Happy New Year everyone! And what better way to start off a new year that with a new vendor for Jim’s Music! I can feel the excitement building already and it should be! I am happy to announce to all of our readers that Jim’s Music is now an official Ovation Guitar dealer!


      Ovation guitarThese guitars for lack of a better term are just plain fascinating. From body shape, to top piece design, to artistic quality, I have never seen anything quite like them.


      The body style is known as a Round-Back guitar body, and while the front is made of the typical high quality woods, the back body of the guitars is made of a synthetic material called Lyrachord. The Lyrachord backs are virtually indestructible. They won’t crack, chip, warp or scratch. Basically there has never been a guitar that could possibly be more ideal for travel, stage time, or just a sit around the campfire.


      Most people don’t know this, but Ovation was the maker of the first professionally accepted acoustic/electric guitar. In the 1960’s at the same time as designing this very unique guitar body style, Ovation put a TON of man hours and funding into the first legitimate acoustic pickup. They developed a musically balanced piezo pickup housed in an intonated bridge saddle, and a sophisticated preamp to control the pickup's output. For all of you “no details people”, that means they did it right. This design is the one that built up to everything we have today in terms of an acoustic/electric guitar.


Here is a bit of history and science to wet your appetite.


      “In 1965, aerospace engineers at our parent company began an extensive research project to determine whether an acoustic guitar could be sonically improved by modifying its shape and construction. Using audio oscillators and spectrum analyzers, they measured the sonic characteristics of dozens of conventional guitars, and then began exploring new designs. Ultimately they discovered a bowl-shaped body dramatically enhances a guitar's projection, sustain, and frequency response. From this intensive R&D, the Ovation roundback guitar was born. When it debuted in 1966, our groundbreaking instrument drew immediate acclaim for its superior tone and volume. Guitarists love the powerful sound of our roundback guitars. We think you will too.”


      Dont delay to stop in at your local Jim's Music to try out one of these great guitars. The moment you first play one you will be hooked, and this is one addiction that is ok to take home with you!