Gearhead Article March 2011

    Hello again from Jim’s Music! This month I was very torn over what to base this article on with our new stock coming in,but one item stuck out above the rest. This month I am proud to present and announce the Fender Villager. I have always been an acoustic buff, and nothing gets me more stoked than a great sounding 12 string acoustic. 
    Fender is often overlooked as an acoustic guitar dealer and I firmly believe that the new Classic and California design series are going to change that. The Villager is a very well rounded instrument with great sing song uppers and deep gut filled bass tones giving you the complete sound you are looking for in a 12 string acoustic. 
    For a long time getting a solid wood topped acoustic guitar would cost $700-$800 without much wiggle room unless you were going up in price from there, but fender has been kind enough to produce a line of acoustic guitars with solid wood tops all for $400 and under. This guitar has a solid wood spruce top and mahogany back and sides, which have become the standard woods by which all acoustic guitars are measured. It has a maple neck and rosewood fret board which helps give the guitar a very warm tone and appearance. You would think that you couldn’t ask for anything more in a guitar, but there is more to come. This guitar also comes standard with on board Fishman electronics, and a built in tuner. 
    To check out this great buy and many more, stop in at your local Jim’s location and enjoy the music! Fender Villager