Gearhead Article May 2011

    Well its time for spring to finally kick in and coming in fresh with it is some more new gear for all you guitar players!

    Every guitarist knows how important quality in their instrument really is. It doesn’t matter if you play a folk grand auditorium body style, or if you prefer the big body dreadnaught that we all know and love, Every guitar needs quality materials and craftsmanship to reach its true potential. And thats why I am really excited to present to all of you, The Ibanez Art Wood guitar series.

A very talented Luthier and guitar player once told me:

“Playing the guitar is a hobby for me, but making these guitars by hand is my art.”

At the time he said this I didn’t really give it a lot of thought...I had been playing guitar for several years but to me a guitar was still just a guitar...

About 3 years after this I got my first “real” guitar and it changed everything. I finally realized why a full body solid wood guitar was so essential, and why different woods really were superior to others and even how important proper fretting is on your instrument. This for most of us turns into an obsession and the next thing you know, it doesn’t seem like any guitars really match up to the “ideal”.

    Well look no further, we now have a full line of guitars from Ibanez that pass all the tests with flying colors. This is a full line of guitars that will meet the expectations of any guitar player, whether they are new or have been playing for 40 years. This awesome line of guitars comes in a cedar top with mahogany back and sides, a complete solid mahogany body, and in a spruce top with mahogany back and sides. And it doesn’t matter which model you choose, this guitar is 100% solid wood. 

It also comes in a range of body types, spanning from the classic dreadnaught all the way to the grand concert cutaway and everything in between.Each guitar also comes with a Bone nut and saddle, which allows for the best transfer of tone from top to bottom. Did i mention they all come stock with Grover tuning hardware?!

    All of this to say, These guitars truly are a piece of art. Each one is crafted to the highest quality all for a great price that anyone can afford!

This is a GREAT guitar line and I would recommend it to even the most Elitist guitar player.

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