ROLAND Boss GT-1000 CORE Multi-Effects Processor

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The BOSS GT-1000CORE manages to pack the full processing power of BOSS's flagship GT-1000 floor processor into a compact throw-and-go gigging format. Inside awaits a bevy of quality amp, cab, and effects models for your stage and studio needs. The GT-1000CORE has all your bases covered, from industry workhorses to exotic boutique builds and high-concept stereo amp/effects fusions that are perfect for building atmosphere. Its 32-bit/96kHz processing supplies faithful modeling and a familiar feel that will have the guitar and bass player in you wondering where the amp is. Factor in 24 simultaneous assignable effects blocks, AIRD-driven guitar and bass preamps, stereo inputs for seamless pedalboard integration, two effects loops for running 4-cable amp method, and USB direct out for fuss-free recording, and the BOSS GT-1000CORE earns its place among the most distinguished mini amp and effects processors in our catalog. Features: Brings the full processing power of BOSS's flagship GT-1000 floor processor to an easier-gigging format. Lifelike 32-bit AD/DA meets limitless 32-bit/96kHz internal processing. Modeling technology borrowed from BOSS's Waza and Katana amplifiers. Wide variety of amplifier, cabinet, and effect models onboard. Bass-specific features include 3 AIRD preamps and 16 effects. Stereo inputs for pedalboard integration. 2 effects loops for 4-cable method, etc. MIDI I/O and USB recording. Expression pedal ports. Dimensions: 6.81 inches x 5.31 inches x 2.56 inches.

Model: GT-1000CORE
Manufacturer: ROLAND

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