IBANEZ Pf 3/4 Acst Guitar

Price: $159.99
Product  PF2MHOPN

The new models of the Ibanez Performance Series represent a strong focus on sound quality and performance at an excellent value. With over 50 years of experience to draw from, the new Performance Series models of 2014 will raise the bar on what can be expected from an economical, entry-level instrument. The PF2MHOPN is a ¾ size guitar with a sapelli top, back and sides for a warm, balanced tone and a handsome appearance. This “mini-dread” has a 22.8” scale and is perfect for younger players as well an entertaining travel guitar. While the Open Pore Natural finish adds to the guitars natural, subtle aesthetics, it also contributes to the sound of the instrument. Thick, heavy finishes can impede the vibration of a guitar’s body, “choking” the instruments tone and projection. The light, carefully applied Ibanez Open Pore finish permits the wood to react more freely to the movement of the strings, optimizing vibration and allowing the guitar to realize it’s full sound potential. The PF2MHOPN also features an Nandu Wood fretboard and bridge, with Ibanez Advantage bridge pins for improved tuning stability. Includes Gig Bag.

Manufacturer: IBANEZ

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