Electric Guitar

Our easy affordable program features:

  1. Month to month agreement, cancel at any time!

  2. Great rental rates!

  3. Brand name instruments!

  4. maintenance plan gives you peace of mind!

  5. Easy automatic monthly payments, no worries about missing a payment!

  6. All your rental payments apply towards the purchase of your rented instrument!

Below you will find most of what you will need to get started with the Electric Guitar. The instrument will be chosen from our stock of affordable guitars new or used. The instrument pictured does not in any way reflect the instrument you will receive. Also included will be a case, an amp, and a cable.

Rate $25.00
Maintenance $5.00
 Instrument Monthly Payment
 Electric Guitar   $25.00 + $5.00 + Tax

*Tax is not included in the prices listed on this page but will be added during processing.

Accessories & Maintenance


Required Case 0.00
Required Amp 0.00
Required Instrument Cable 0.00
3-Pack Jims Guitar Picks 1.65
Instrument Tuner 17.99
Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 12.99
Black 2 Inch Poly Guitar Strap 9.99
Required Instrument Maintenance 5.00
Pick Up In Store 0.00
Total Less Tax:

NOTE: If you selected a rental for a non-local school please allow upwards of 2-4 weeks for the instrument to be transferred between our stores and delivered. If you require the instrument to be delivered sooner please specify in the notes.

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