Online Rental Terms

TERMINATION: You may terminate this agreement without penalty at any time by returning the property or allowing us to pick it up. This agreement will terminate at the end of the rental term if you do not renew the agreement for the additional term. This agreement will automatically terminate if you breach any provision of this agreement. Upon termination of this agreement, we are entitled to immediate return of our property. If you retain the property after this agreement terminates, you remain liable for rent, prorated and charged monthly.  You can terminate this agreement at any time by returning the instrument to us in good condition. All original issued accessories such as mouthpieces, drum pads, sticks, instrument parts, and bow must be returned with the instrument or you must pay for replacing the missing items.


LOCATION OF THE PROPERTY:  You agree to keep the property at your residence. You agree to notify us of any change in your address and to obtain our consent before you move the property out of state.


FORBIDDEN ACTS: You may not pawn, sell, or otherwise dispose of the property.  If you do, this Agreement is terminated, and you must pay us the remaining cash price of the instrument (original cash price minus the applicable rent you have already paid, plus tax).


BILLING AND CHANGE OF ADDRESS: You will receive a payment coupon book at the address you have provided. You must inform us of any changes in your contact information.  No additional billing statements will be provided. All rental payments are due in advance. Any time period less than a full month will be billed as a full month. There are no refunds on rental payments. You must not move the instrument from the address shown in this agreement without our written consent. 


MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COVERAGE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: We will maintain the property in good working order during the initial rental term and any renewal terms. All repairs must be performed by technicians of Jim’s Music.  We will not be responsible for costs or results of any repairs done by others. This coverage does not cover deterioration of the instrument appearance from scratches, dents, surface wear, etc. (which do not affect the performance of the instrument), nor does it apply to broken reeds or strings. While in our repair facility, if you notify us beforehand we will provide you with a loaner subject to Availability. You are responsible for all repairs (with the exception of normal wear and tear) that occur to the rented instrument as a result of negligence or misuse. Should the instrument be returned and damages have been sustained due to misuse and neglect, we reserve the right to charge you for these damages. Missing parts and accessories (drumsticks, mouthpieces, cleaning rods) will be charged back at 100% of retail price. Maintenance and repair premiums are not refundable and do not apply to purchase. Repair coverage will be considered "Not in Force" when payment lapses beyond the ten day grace period.


PROTECTION AGAINST THEFT AND DAMAGESTUDENT INSTRUMENT CONTRACTS ONLY: If the rented instrument is stolen or accidentally damaged before all of the payments under this agreement are due, we will replace it with an instrument of equal age, value and quality as determined by us, provided all of your payments are current. Stolen instruments must be reported to the police immediately and a police report is required to claim damages of theft.


PAYMENT BY CREDIT / DEBIT CARD / BANK DRAFT. If paying regular payments by credit/debit card/autodraft, you must notify Jim’s Music in writing if 1) you wish to cancel this payment option, or 2) the credit/debit card/bank account listed on the reverse side is cancelled or rendered unusable for any reason. I (we) hereby authorize Jim’s Music (JK Music, Inc.) to charge my (our) credit card as indicated on the Rental/Purchase Agreement.  I (we) agree to have available funds in my (our) account on the designated date to effect this transfer. I (we) agree to pay any applicable fees for this service as disclosed in the Rental/Purchase Agreement, including a $25 NSF Fee.  This authority will remain in effect until I (or either of us) notify Jim’s Music (JK Music, Inc.) in writing at least one week prior to the next scheduled transaction date.  I (we) acknowledge that the origination of automatic payments to my (our) credit card must comply with the provisions of U.S. law.



 You can exchange the instrument rented under this Agreement for any other instrument in our Student Rental plan at any time with your child's teacher's approval, per the following guidelines:

a.        Stringed Instruments. Instruments ¾ size or smaller may be exchanged for a larger like instrument (violins and violas are interchangeable) up to ¾ size with all net payments (cumulative total payments less cumulative 1) cost of lease services, 2) M&R, and 3) sales tax, you have made applying toward the cash price of the larger sized instrument. Instruments ¾ size or smaller may be exchanged for full size like instruments with 100% of all net payments you have made applying toward the cash price of the full size instrument. Full size instruments include 4/4 violins, 15”-16” violas, and 4/4 cello.

b.        Other Student Rental Purchase Plan Instruments. During the first 90 days of this contract you may exchange your instrument for another in our Student Instrument Rental pool, with all net payments you have made applying toward the cash price of the next instrument. After the initial 90 day period, you may exchange your instrument for another instrument in our Student Instrument Rental Pool with 75% of all net payments applying toward the cash price of the next instrument.

c.        Accumulated credit cannot exceed the cash value of the acquired instrument.

Unless otherwise stated, 1) payment option for future payments and 2) M&R coverage selected in initial contract will be transferred to new instrument.


TITLE AND RIGHT OF POSSESION: The instrument shall remain with Jim's Music until total payments equal to the value (plus sales tax) of the instrument are made. At this time ownership will be transferred to you. If rental payments are not paid when due, Jim's Music shall have the right to take possession of the instrument with or without legal process.



Only payments made on time apply to the purchase of the instrument. Any accounts going beyond the ten day grace period will be assessed a late charge of 2% per month ($10.00 minimum). Bad checks will be charged $25.00 per bank deposit. This contract is not subject to bankruptcy as the money collected is rent. If you fail to make a payment within 30 days of the payment due date, or if you fail to observe any other portion of this agreement, you will be in default. Upon such default, and after any notice required by law is given, Jim’s Music will be entitled to any remedies allowed by law, including repossession of the instrument. Should Jim’s Music be forced to resort to the use of a collection agency or any attorney to enforce this agreement, you will be responsible for all reasonable costs of collection, including attorney’s fees. In the event that Jim's Music is compelled to incur any expense, including attorney fees or collection agency fees in maintaining or defending any action or proceeding instituted by reason of any default of the signer, such expenses shall be the responsibility of the signer.


RETURN PROCEDURES:  Contact us by mail or telephone to request a return authorization.  Then return the instrument to the music instructor or us, by mail or personal delivery.  To receive credit for a return, do not return the instrument to anyone without contacting us and getting a return authorization.


You hereby consent to Jim’s Music obtaining a personal credit report on you, at its option. You may cancel this agreement without penalty or obligations within 3 days from the date of this agreement. If you cancel, any payments you have made will be returned to you, providing the instrument has been returned to Jim’s Music, Inc in substantially as good condition as when received. A notice of cancellation form is available, if  requested.