LAVA BLUE LAVA Touch (Green)

Price: $699.00
SKU:  ae00-17163^BLUELAVA36GR

All-in-one Instrument
By incorporating every tool you need into a multi-touch display with the HILAVA system, this smart guitar brings endless possibilities to your music creation. 

Built-in Effects & Loops
Combine the Effects and Loops apps to easily compose and create. With the built-in apps, you can improvise, record, and edit the audio anytime. 

Comprehensive Practice to Build Every Skill
Train your finger dexterity, strumming, chords, and more. Get a glimpse of your practice with real-time feedback and detailed reports.

Share and Connect on LAVA+
Get inspired, share ideas, sync your projects, and network with music creators in the global LAVA+ community. 

A Friend to the Planet
Built with HPL material, BLUE LAVA Touch is weather resistant, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly. 

Size: 36"
Weight: 4.17 lb.
System: HILAVA System

Manufacturer: LAVA

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