ROLAND Guitar Synthesizer

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Product  SY-1000

The BOSS SY-1000 synthesizer pedal for guitar and bass represents the pinnacle of BOSS and Roland's guitar synth technology, refined over decades of player feedback. Three distinct synthesizer instrument engines can be played simultaneously for exceptionally deep and rich sonic textures. You can plug your guitar or bass in directly via 1/4" cable just like any other effects pedal, or you can use Roland's GK pickup for the most precise pitch tracking and per-string parameter tweaking. Factor in its built-in effects loop, multi-effects capabilities, instrument modeling, external control inputs, and freely assignable footswitches, and it's clear the BOSS SY-1000 is the most advanced synthesizer pedal ever devised. Features: The most advanced BOSS synthesizer pedal ever created, for guitar or bass. Updated synth engine with custom DSP and 32-bit/48kHz processing for unparalleled sound quality and zero latency. Layer up to three simultaneous instrument sounds for rich, evocative timbres. Independent control of pitch, level, and panning for each string, when used with GK pickup (sold separately). Dynamic Synth engine follows your instrument's natural volume envelope for exceptional expressive playability. Dual 16-part sequencers allow you to modulate pitch, filter, and amplitude. OSC Synth engine re-creates classic analog synth architecture for epic leads, pads, and bass sounds. GR-300 synth engine is a spot-on re-creation of the iconic Roland GR-300 guitar synth from the '80s. Works with your guitar or bass via 1/4" cable, Roland GK pickup (sold separately) required for full access to all synth and modeling features. Stellar effects and amps derived from the acclaimed GT-1000 guitar synth. Footswitches are freely assignable to customize your control layout. Connections for USB audio/MIDI, 5-pin MIDI I/O, plus guitar-to-MIDI/bass-to-MIDI functionality. Dedicated Guitar and Bass modes are optimized for peak performance with each instrument type. Customize your sounds with the BOSS Tone Studio editor software, and download pro-created patches at BOSS Tone Central.

Model: SY-1000
Manufacturer: ROLAND

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