ROLAND Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup

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SKU:  ae00-17007^GK3
Product  GK3

The GK-3 Divided Pickup attaches to any steel-stringed electric — no drilling necessary — and delivers accurate performance data to guitar synthesizers such as Roland’s popular GR-55. The GK-3’s slim-line design enables ideal placement on the guitar. Mounts easily on any steel-stringed electric without damage to guitar. Features an adjustable curve design and pickup cable length. Includes attachment plate for Les Paul-type guitars.

Controls: GK Volume, DOWN/S1 Switch, UP/S2 Switch, Select Switch
Indicator: Power Indicator
Connectors: GK Connector, Normal Pickup Input Jack
Accessories: Normal Guitar Cable Owner's Manual
Options: GK Cable: GKC-5 (5 m), GKC-10 (10 m), Unit Selector: US-20GK GK Parallel Cable: GKP-2

Model: GK3
Manufacturer: ROLAND

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