Breedlove Signature Concerto Copper E Torrefied European-African Mahogany

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Product  SNCO03ETEAM

Torrefied European Spruce - African Mahogany SIGNATURE CONCERTO COPPER E Breedlove prides itself on modern design, but understands that some players just love the classic, unadorned look of a non-cutaway guitar. The Signature Concerto Copper E is for you—symmetrical, round shouldered and as traditional in its tone as in its shape. With the warmth of African mahogany under the pure acoustic power of an “aged” European spruce top, the guitar sounds and feels like an old friend, falling into the hand or onto the knee with a practiced grace. Given as a thoughtful gift, or acquired as a personal reward, the Signature Concerto Copper E will satisfy for years. It’s a lifetime investment.

Manufacturer: Breedlove

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