Amahi Spalted Maple Concert Ukulele

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Product  UK770C


From a great company, based in America, with tons of experience, the Amahi Classic Spalted Maple Ukulele is excellent for beginners looking for a great instrument and projessionals alike! Available in three sizes (all providing wonderful sound), this uke is especially versatile, and can fit anyone!

Favorite Features:

  • Available in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor
  • Comes with 10mm Padded Gig Bag
  • Impressive Tone Quality

Tone Quality

The unique sound of this instrument is provided by the Spalted Maple construction. The tone has an endearing character of its own that is especially appealing to an audience with a good ear, but is pleasing to all.  Even in the soprano and concert sized Amahi Spalted Maple Ukes, the tone is excellent--an impressive feat.  No matter your skill, a Classic Spalted Maple Uke will provide a sound you'll love!

Don't get used to a poor tone, get your Classic Spalted Maple Ukulele today!

Model: UK770C
Manufacturer: AMAHI

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