Eastman E10OM Orchestra Model Acoustic Guitar

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The Eastman E10OM is part of Eastman’s traditional series. The traditional series consists of guitars that were inspired by the most beloved acoustic guitars made in the 1930′s. This series of guitars is highly popular at this moment as they offer some highly desirable features yet they come at a great price point. These guitars compete with (far) more expensive guitars from other brands.This makes the Eastmans a very attractive option of course.
The E10OM and the other OM’s in the traditional series are a slight departure from a traditional OM as the scale length is a little different. The E10OM is 24.9 inches rather than 25.5. This gives the guitar a slightly richer and more complex sound. We find this to be a great improvement over a traditional OM. When playing the guitar it is very noticeable how the harmonics really jump out at you and how the guitar dynamically interacts with your playing style. It has great projection and easily fills the room with its wonderful sound.

Model: E10OM
Manufacturer: EASTMAN

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