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Seagull SG Original w/Gig Bag

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Price: $478.99

Protection for Your Seagull Acoustic Guitar

Keep your Entourage acoustic guitar safe with the Seagull Guitars Gig Bag. With a double-stuffed padded interior, you can be sure that your guitar is protected from bumps, dings, and scratches. Durable carrying straps make hauling your guitar to gigs and practices easy. This gig bag also offers convenient storage compartments for strings, tuners, capos, or other useful items. The Seagull Guitars Gig Bag makes a fantastic addition to your Seagull Entourage guitar.



Seagull Guitars Gig Bag Features at a Glance:

  • Double-stuffed padded interior protects your guitar from damage
  • Durable carrying straps make hauling your guitar easy
  • Storage compartments for easy retrieval of useful items

Model: 029396K
Manufacturer: SEAGULL