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TC Electronics Corona Chorus

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Toggle Switch

Best and worst knob on the pedal. Best because it enables you to set it to one of two fantastic chorus sounds (SCF and Tri-Chorus) and worst because it is making you choose between the two - well, you can just play longer and jam to both! Also selects TonePrints for a world of signature effects!


Helps you set the speed of the effect, or how fast you want the sound to rotate - subtle swirls to spinning outta control!

FX Level

Sets the intensity of the effect, but you guessed that, right? From a calm pulse to an intense shimmer. Corona Chorus actually allows you to control how intense the effect will be, making subtle settings a breeze to dial in.


This sets the range of the modulation – subtle accents to world-warblin’ sounds, you’ll find it all here. Just know this knob works closely with the FX Level – have some fun and experiment!


The tone knob allows you to dial in the right ‘feel’ for the effect - the more clockwise equals ‘hi-fi’ glassy shimmer and clarity, while counter clockwise yields a darker, warmer old-school vibe.

Maximum You

TonePrint pedals offer both true- or buffered bypass. It simply means that no matter what your setup or situation, TC pedals give you optimal signal integrity so the 'you' in your playing shines through with unparalleled clarity and definition.


  • TonePrint
  • 3 chorus types
    • Speed
    • Depth
    • Color and Level controls: sculpt your chorus sounds from subtle to extreme
  • Stereo in & out - for added flexibility to your set-up
  • True Bypass 
  • Analog-Dry-Through
  • Easy battery access
  • Small footprint
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready design

Model: 960700001
Manufacturer: TC Electronics